Witness (2004) DVD-SUDA 0000-2

Jorge Castro aka Fisternni
SUDA 0000-2


Since the last 10 years I work on Digital Media, sound and video manipulation in live performance are my goal, beyond the technology in Sudamerica,
I work with computers produce noise and pixel. Extreme Nature, Extreme Noise some part of my dialog with the technology.
This work talk about my environment and scenes quotidian that appears in some point to the vision of the artist.
He stay sitting right there, asking for help for long time, nobody interact with him.
Well if the silence is part of our history and culture, technically the sound silence doesn't exist complete ...maybe we cut capture in physically sutill levels of sound and image , and we see in reality.
That disturbing me, I don't like to see him, get away from him
Come on we passing faster and he will not ask anything not see anything

Witness it's a video live performance in real time with a double edition of 2 screen in different times to see, that he saw during the last 2 years
The sound it's a process of the same track ambient, caching by the camera and prosecing by msp/max in real time. I work with my own software (compiled by Max/msp)

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