Palindrome ++ (2000) DVD-SUDA 0000-5

Jorge Castro aka Fisternni
SUDA 0000-5

Work in video performance under a water tank.
Experimental network and ideas about Borges poetry.
Palindrome ++ 2.1 is a video based on an underwater perfomance as part of Network Borges Project (in the net...). The dancer represents the network, time, and space, looking for identities through improvisations.
Work of character experimental of post-production with Nato 0,55.
Processed with old interfaces of apple Ilc and ++Atari rgb monitors, the video attempts to recapture aesthetics of Vintage dream, with the cut Fade in conjunction with the sound.

Video Art Dance with a choreography collaboration by Babel.
Recording sequence in a studio . Video art Manipulation in real time.

This movie is part of the collection: Open Source Movies

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