Messy Series 6.1 (2006 ) DVD-SUDA 0000-6

Messy Series 6.1 2006
Jorge Castro aka Fisternni
SUDA 0000-6

Videoperformance A/V
- Video Noise Real Time -
Abstraction from footage of the Catamarca land (norte de Argentina)
Live seccion for Umbral CD edited by Manipulatto Splendid and DVD Messy 6 edited by Sudamerica Electronica.

This work talk about descontruction alltrough pixelation and noise.

Its a part of the compilation movies, for a World tour 2007 in Canada , Australia , Germany , Switzerland, Austria , Spain. This Movies are a Noise , ambient and extreme pixelation , mixed with landscape from sudamerica this provoqued a deep change in my works and in the video programming in Real Time.
I began programming the image and manipulating it together with sound (I was always a musician as well). I moved only in music circuits and presented audiovisuals, mainly very experimental.

This is the origin of the compositions on the DVD. Each work has its own concept and different topics, and all are processed by the optic of digital art.

This movie is part of the collection: Open Source Movies
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